Krissy & Niki Taylor
My personal collection
by Lisa Giraud Taylor (no relation)
up to date :

May 2018
All rights reserved to photographers, Taylor family & Lisa Giraud Taylor for her own collection 1989 - 2017
Niki & Krissy Taylor :
siblings, best friends & models

Niki has started her career in 1989 and still. She is still at work  !

Krissy followed her path in 1990 and her career took off in 1993. She died
in july 2nd 1995 from a rare heart disease.

Her mom dedicaced her a wonderful and delicate website.

I thank so very much Mrs "T", their loving mother, for her support and best
regards toward my "collector fan life".

This website is an unofficial site based upon my own collection on both

I would appreciate if you ask BEFORE using a scan from my collection.
Thank you for your understanding
Taylor Family
Nicole (aka Niki),
(aka Joie)
Kristen (aka Krissy)
Niki, Ken, Joie, Krissy
Barbara, Niki, Krissy
Niki's & Joie's Children
when Ciel was born !
Who am I ?
news :

no more addictions
will be made here as
some people are used
to download the
photos from here,
from my collection
without any
authorization and add
them in any
claiming that they
own these pages and
this site !

I am deeply sorry but
I've been collecting
since 1989/90 and
got any original
magazine mentioned
here !

All are original paper
versions ... not digital
(if so, I ask permission for using it

Thank you for your
I will only update my
listing and point out
new addictions
without image.
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Krissy & Niki
crédits to Barbara Taylor
Niki & Burney welcome Rex
with Jake, Hunter & Ciel