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Krissy  Taylor
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Krissy was a sunshine for everyone.

"Krissy's totally real" Niki used to say.

I've heard so many times her family, her friends
through interviewes, saying that she was so special,
so friendly, so caring. No doubt, she was. She looked
like she was. She had this incredibly smile and laugh
than made me thought that she was
really special.

Krissy was a sunshine for her fans too. I know that
she touched so many persons around the world. I've
been talking with some of them since 1993 and she
captured our hearts by her face, her joie de vivre, her
laugh, her photos...
Personally, I think that her voice was special.  She
had a warm, deep voice... voice of a star. I liked her
and still do for all the reasons a person likes a famous
one.... because of her beauty whatever includes the
word of beauty (inner, physical etc...). Through
interviewes in magazines and on tv, she let me think
that she was that easy going friend whom you could
call up at any hour and talk for hours with. She liked
her parents, her sisters, her family, her friends, and
she liked life. She liked her life, and cared for others'.
Through years, she turned into a gorgeous and sexy
young woman, if I had to choice to look like to
It should to be her.
I am a fan of her sibling Niki, too and I think that Niki is
the most beautiful woman in the world. She's just so
perfect, but I've never dreamt to look like her. I did
think about it for Krissy. Krissy was more than the girl
next door, she was the one to look alike, to talk with,
to think about, to collect on.... a star turned into a
butterfly who flied away from us, but still looks over
us all..
Hope she is watching over us all and that her
beautiful smile shines and lights ours ways and mine
too. I just hope she protects her family, her friends
and her fans too. ...
Lisa G.T.
Krissy & Niki Taylor
My personal collection
by Lisa Giraud Taylor (no relation)
july 2dn 2015
Krissy passed away 20 years ago
Remember her that way....
A real sunshine to the world !