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Krissy's bio

The real name of Krissy was Kristen Erin Taylor. She was
born on may 15th 1978 in South Miami, Florida, USA.
Her siblings were Joelle (Joie) & Nicole (Niki). In her early
years, she was growing up rolling-skating, being a mascot
and cheerleader and then modelling at 13.
She became modelling with Niki, and began attracting
attention to public and editors because of Niki.. but the more
she modelled, the more she began to be cast for her own.

She was on the runways in Italia at 13 ! She began, then, to
work on solo.

She had worked with major magazines such as Seventeen,
Elle, Italian Glamour, Y&M, Cosmo & bible US Vogue.

She liked modelling but she liked her family and friends most.
She had a lot of love to and from her parents, Ken & Barbara,
and her siblings.

She liked things such as : massage therapy, animals, kids,
her niece and twin nephews, "Big Blue" her chevy truck,
phone, country music (Reba & Garth Brooks), fast food,
Pepsi, her bipper, MTV, line dancing, waffle for breakfast, CK
perfum etc.

She was seventeen. She died on july 2th 1995 due to RVD
(right ventricular dysplasia).
On the same month, Ocean Drive had planned a Taylor
As one of her fave songs quoted "remember me that way"...

          Remember Krissy that way...
Krissy & Niki Taylor
My personal collection
by Lisa Giraud Taylor (no relation)