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My tribute to Krissy

Dear krissy,

I do know that you can not see this page anymore, but I hope that
wherever you are, you can have a look anyway, because I made
this page for you...

The first time I saw your pretty face on a magazine, it was on
seventeen march 90 with your best friend and sibling, Niki. You
looked so beautiful, so gracious, so fragile, but also so charming
with your wonderful and large smile... You smiled to life and you
made me smile back... You looked like so friendly... the kind of
friend we all wait for all our lives...

Throught the years you turned into a wonderful and so perfect
young woman. The butterfly became a wonderful one...... but this
butterfly went away from all of us...

A butterfly... you were this butterfly I wanted to follow and to know
much better... like this butterfly, you flied away and you are free

A butterfly like the tattoo you had on your foot. ...

Tattoo, another thing we had in common... like the one I tattoed on
my ankle in your memory... I put this blueish daisy with your initial
"ket"...and your entire name : Kristen Erin Taylor.

Because, I wanted to have you in my life, to remain you daily and
just in case if one day I have a blank memory, I just hope that you
will bring me back home throught the sight of your name.... you
made me feel like home and I want my tattoo to be my home if I
ever loose my path one day...

I hope also that you will light my way and your beloved ones' too
as long as we need it... but you were the only light in our life to
shine that brightly... you still are guiding our ways, lighting our
roads and we still miss you so much...

Keep on protecting your family, friends and fans...

Hope that you like this webpages... There were made for you to
show you that I really cared, loved and missed you so much...

Still love you, and miss you...

Hope to see you one of those days... I will be there always to
remember you....

Until we meet, take care, Krissy...
love & regards...
my special tribute at her tree...
(thanks to Leighton... a true friend)
Krissy & Niki Taylor
My personal collection
by Lisa Giraud Taylor (no relation)
A true Tribute
from a Fan :
Jamie Collyer