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Soon here, my fave links
to supermodels' fans'websites..

Krissy official website
Niki official website
My thank you go to :

- all my close friends (esp. my sister Linda, Cathy, Jen, Lea & Alex), pals & penpals
whom has been helping me to get any image of the sisters through the years...
- Mrs T for all those years of nice notes and faithful regards ; I have a total admiration
for her and thank her so very very much...

- a special thank you goes to brit band Arctic Monkeys for the soundtrack of this
website "Cornerstone" ; AM is probably one of the most interesting band of the decade
and the followings... apart for my big musical love (blur), AM is a source of joy....

And, of course, and above all, thank you to Krissy, for still lightening the path and
to Niki for being such an inspiration and human being.
Heike 's website on Claudia Schiffer
aLEX 's website on rENEE tOFT sIMONSEN
Krissy & Niki Taylor
My personal collection
by Lisa Giraud Taylor (no relation)