Niki Taylor
All rights reserved to photographers, Taylor family & Lisa Giraud Taylor for her own collection 1989 - 2017
My listing on Niki
Niki Taylor has been modelling since 1988 and she still is the greatest
american model.

She is a floridian born girl whom graced (and still) hundred
magazines. She's been having so many fans around the world that like
her inner beauty as well as her figure.

She's been through so many since her teens that she seems to be
indestructible and she is loved for that strenght and faith in love and

Those pages are illustrating her carreer and life.... and all those pages
are part of my own collection. I've been collecting on her since
september 1989 and still. I have thousand pages (not mentioning
clippings and little tiny photos !) and hundred of covers...

I am so happy to share my collection with her fans...
Of course, it surely shall take many many months to put all my
collection because, as you can see in the "listing" online, I have a
HUGE collection... Be patient... it worths !

Anyhow, I still miss some stuffs,
click here and help out ! thanks !
Krissy & Niki Taylor
My personal collection
by Lisa Giraud Taylor (no relation)