Niki Taylor's latest parution
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New parution (paper) of Niki :

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Monrowe US november 2017

Flaunt US October 2017

Vivez Magazine US october 2017 (and cover)

Nashville US October 2017 (and cover !)

Likes Marie Claire Italia sept/oct 2017

Paper Magazine summer 2017

Grazia ITA february 2017

Fantastic with Hunter 2016

D'Scence 2016

Think Mag cover & Opustone advert & Femme Actuelle cover

Sun Sentinel (US) Article "Glamazon : Darling Niki" by Joanie Cox  
(one photo below and video linked)

Fantasticsmag june 2011 (one photo below and video linked)

So Scottdale april 2011 (photo below)

FutureClaw 2011 (a photo below)

Commercial for

Modern Dog Magazine Fall 2010 (cover below)

Hair's July/august 2010

Brian Nice book & Catalogue NORDSTROM 2010

MOM US spring 2010 & People Magazine

Redbook magazine February 2010
Krissy & Niki Taylor
My personal collection
by Lisa Giraud Taylor (no relation)