my letter to Niki
All rights reserved to photographers, Taylor family & Lisa Giraud Taylor for her own collection 1989 - 2013

Dear Niki,

I am sure that you heard that many times before... but you did change a part
of my "world". I don't say here that you did a total changing in my life like
God could do for people, but you did open a kind of world I would have never
knew... without collecting on you.
When I decided to collect on you and your wonderful and late sibling Krissy,
I've met by postmail a lot of people through the world... from USA to
Australia, via Japan, Argentina, Russian etc...

I did met some of my closest friends by this way of pen palling... That is
what I thought about "you changed my life". I would have never met them and
never had the luck to get some exciting moments with them.
Then, you did also open to me a wonderful and glamorous world : photography
and modelling. I did have fabulous moments photographing and talking about
fashion... So when it came to the point that I needed an artistic name, it was
obvious that your name had to be associated to it. I picked up my nickname
"Lisa", with my granddad's name "Giraud" and yours "Taylor"... So that I know
whom to thank daily...

You are right about the "little" barriers you put up years ago between you and
some of your fans, but you did know how much you mean for fans back in 2001.
I was one of those you sent letters and gifts to you
(via your mother, aka for me
"Mrs T" that I thank to be such a wonderful person for me as a fan, listening and answering
back to my email and cards)
and also a lot of prayers to help you out to recover...

Many fans might have stopped collecting on you and even threw away their
collection, but I
shall never do it because I did put enthusiasm, passion and fun
in it...

Keep on living your own private life and just let us being a little part of your
world by gracing on magazines...and sharing your brighten moments. Anyhow,
we will be present if you ever need help.

Kind regards, and if I dare, with love,
Krissy & Niki Taylor
My personal collection
by Lisa Giraud Taylor (no relation)
Photo taken in 1994 -
outside Sherrer whislt
Paris catwalk