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Who am I ?

My name is Lisa Giraud Taylor (my artist name indeed). No
Since my early teens I've been a fan of fashion world,
clothings, designers, photography & I was used to read any
fashion magazine around like Vogue, Elle, L'Officiel, Madame
Figaro etc.
First of all, only clothing and designers were attractive to me.
Models didn't.
But, in 1982, a newcomer danish model appealed to me by
her way of modelling my favorite pieces of clothing... her
name was Renee Toft Simonsen. I decided to collect her
covers and layouts to have a look throught all this fashion
in the mid-80's, new models arrived in the business and were
so great and more that beautiful women that many people
(girls & boys) collected on them... and, honestly, I don't know
how I came into this penpalling business, I started to trade
photos, covers, clippings from magazines with people all
around the world.
Grace to this penpalling business, I met my closest friends
abroad and I am graceful for that...
Around 1988,
I was very into fashion shooting and as I was,
and still, fond of photography, I subscribed to many foreign
magazines about fashion... and one of my favorite
photographers was Paul Lange. He was doing a lot in
"Seventeen" (USA) and then, in august 1989, I saw this pretty
girl, fresh, with a big smile and long legs... She was so
different from other supermodels...
It was Niki.
The october issue in 1989 confirmed my feeling of a very big
star was born... I decided to collect exclusively on Niki. In the
march 1990 issue of "Seventeen", she modelled with her
"little sister", Krissy... Niki's beauty captured my eyes but
Krissy had this little something more... the charisma...
Krissy & Niki became the center of my collection. The
penpalling business became bigger and bigger and we all
spent so much money on magazines & stamps !!! But it
worths the price... deeply...

So, this website is about the Taylor sisters, the floridian born
Krissy & Niki... and
to let fans have a look at my collection.

All the photos downloaded here are from my own private
collection.. all original (papers, not digital !).
I would
appreciate if you ask BEFORE using a scan from my
collection. Thank you.

I thank here all my penpals and friends whom helped me to
get some rare pages I could not have had at the local

and Mrs T for so much more (xoxo) & Beverly too :) (much
Krissy & Niki Taylor
My personal collection
by Lisa Giraud Taylor (no relation)